Aldo Comas recovers the multidisciplinary side of the Renaissance man. Painter, musician and designer, enjoys combining different disciplines always in favor of art. Inspired by the Empordá, in Aldo Comas’s creations you will feel the nature and the mountain mixed with the mystical and icons that have marked his life.

His designs combine colors, materials and shapes, a way of playing with art to suggests you unique and fresh pieces. Aldo Comas creates designs either for men or women always searching this versatility.

Each piece can we worn in many different ways: necklace or glasses chain, earring or charm, pendant or brooch…

Aldo Comas is a unique and different proposal to feel and wear jewels.

Revolution by Aldo Comas. View collection
Hangs it by Aldo Comas. View Collection
Icons by Aldo Comas. View collection
Icons by Aldo. View collection