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Yomime is a jewelry company, born with the idea and enthusiasm of offering an innovative and distinct jewelry brand.



Yomime is a jewelry company conceived with the idea and enthusiasm of offering an innovative and distinct brand of jewelry. Our creations are for all who consider accessories as key to their very own style. Nowadays, as jewelry evolves ever more towards a new concept much closer to the world of fashion, this idea is the starting point for our designers to create the pieces that make up Yomime's collection. The use of Sterling Silver combined with natural stones or coated with a layer of 4 microns of 24kt gold combines quality and design in each of our pieces, allowing every woman to wear unique and trendy accessories and at the same time having a valuable product. We design and handcraft each and every piece in our own workshop in Spain, which gives us a considerable competitive advantage, both in the speed of launching new trends and in production capacity, quality and product availability. This advantage allows us to have a unique after-sales service, both for its speed and for how many services we offer free of charge, be it in the purchase process or in the maintenance of the pieces.

Our collection consists of a variety of pieces that you can combine into a complete look. The necklaces will allow you to create your own style of overlaps just like our unique clasp system that will allow you to wear the necklace in a variety of lengths and styles.

Then, our vast collection of earrings of diverse sizes and shapes - studs attached to the lobe or drops and dangles, all with one or more stones, each piece designed with your comfort in mind!

We offer you different shapes and compositions in our bracelets so you can choose according to your style.

And Yomime offers you the possibility to design your own jewelry. Tell us your idea and which materials you have in mind and we will make you a blueprint that we will keep adjusting until it’s what you always dreamed of. And we will make that unique piece of jewelry in only a few days, by hand, so that you can wear it and all this with a price tag that will not be the unnatural limit to you fulfilling your own personal dream.

Maybe that’s why all those celebrities wear our collections! A wide range of Spanish and global celebrities have already boarded the train...

Come to our stores or browse our website and discover our innovative and varied collection of the highest quality and unique service standards!